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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Office Feel Fresh and New in 2023

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Did you know there’s an evolutionary reason for why we like to change things up so often (and why stale environments tend to drag us down)? 

We’re hardwired to be attracted to novelty!

Studies have found that regular exposure to new things releases dopamine in our brains. Not only does this make us feel happier, but it raises our energy levels, helps us be more creative, and boosts our productivity.

New Year’s is the time of year for bringing novelty into your life. You can find a fresh perspective, reset some priorities, or set new goals. 

It’s also the perfect time to switch things up in your work life with an office space redesign. Simple things like making a space for freshly brewed coffee, featuring some interesting artwork, or even just changing the paint color can have a huge impact on how engaged and inspired workers feel in the office.

With that in mind, here are our 5 creative tips for getting that fresh, new office feel in 2023!

Bring Nature Inside

It’s the undisputed go-to when it comes to redesign advice and for good reason.

Frequent contact with nature in the workplace has been linked to decreased anxiety, increased job performance, and an overall improvement in worker mental health. 

The really nice thing about nature? It doesn’t have to be expensive!

Office plants are always a good standby, but you can also incorporate shells and rocks or anything else connected with the local environment.

A natural color palette for the decor is another great way to warm up the space and make it feel more welcoming. Think earthy tones or gentle greens with natural woods. Top it off with some small tabletop fountains to enhance the ambiance.

And of course, if possible, let in some more natural light by pulling up the blinds. If you’re in a center office with limited window space, consider incorporating daylight lamps and light fixtures that mimic real sunlight.

Support Local Artists

A lot of office space redesigners suggest decorating with art pieces, but we highly recommend supporting local artists specifically. 

It’s not only an excellent way to get in touch with your community, but it will bring a unique vibe that doesn’t come from the office wall decor section on Amazon.

Paintings and photographs aren’t the only options, either. You can also include:

  • 3D wall hangings
  • Multimedia pieces
  • Sculptures
  • Floor art
  • Tapestries
  • Pottery and other functional items for desks or reception areas

Feeling really bold? Commission a local artist for a wall mural that reflects your company culture or values.

Make Space for Employee Expression

We tend to feel much more engaged in our work when our office space feels like our own.

A fun way to foster this sense of attachment and community is by dedicating an entire wall to employee expression.

Get some magnetic paint and magnets, or corkboard wallpaper and thumbtacks, and encourage your team members to:

  • Put up appropriate photos
  • Post positive affirmations or motivational quotes
  • Share reminders of workplace triumphs and wins
  • Or anything else you can think of!

The really cool thing about this idea is that the wall can evolve as people remove things and put up new ones. 

It’s almost like having a living portrait of your workplace team.

Beverage and Snack Station

If you really want to boost workplace morale, a beverage and snack station with high-quality options can be a fun (and tasty) way to revamp your office space.

One survey even found that access to free food in the office increased feelings of happiness, and created a more enjoyable and collaborative workplace environment.

If you can, go with a variety of foods and drinks to accommodate different preferences and dietary needs, such as:

  • Good quality coffee and tea with decaf options
  • Kombucha and natural juices
  • Sugar-free drinks
  • Protein shakes
  • Healthy food choices like fruits and nuts
  • And a few sweet/salty snacks (because we all deserve to indulge a little)

Textures in Furnishings

Finally, when it comes to the furnishings in your office space, think texture.

Different textures in interior design add a whole new layer of visual interest that most people find mentally stimulating even if they’re not aware of it.

Things like patterned rugs, knitted throws and ottomans, wall sculptures or textured wall tiles, and interesting light fixtures can really take your office space to the next level.

Using texture is also fantastic if you’re interested in making that leap from the stark, corporate feel to something more casual and comfortable.

Want more inspiration?

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