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7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Office Space

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How to Spruce Up Your Office in the New Year… And do it in 15 Minutes!

According to Harvard Business Review, cluttered, messy office spaces can negatively impact our stress levels and ability to focus. Whether at your desk or throughout the whole office space, it’s beneficial to have a clean and organized workspace. We’ve outlined a few quick cleaning tips that will leave you feeling refreshed, more organized, and cleaner

1. Organize and Declutter Your Desk

Whether it’s a desk at your home office, work, or in a rental office space, you’ll want to keep it neat. Although it may sound old school, organizing your important papers with a file cabinet is a no-brainer way to keep your desk organized. Plus, decluttering at regular intervals makes it easier to keep your desk organized and decluttered long-term.

Looking for some unique organizational equipment? Check out Two Hands Paperie, one of our Pearl Street neighbors. They sell all kinds of stationary, including file folders for your file cabinets!

2. Have a Monthly “Cleaning Day”

Cleaning is easier when everyone is doing it. Create a fun cleaning event for the team by ordering catering or takeout for the entire office—here are a few great places in Downtown Boulder. Focus on cleaning personal desks and communal areas like meeting spaces. The whole office will feel refreshed!

3. Wipe Down Equipment

It’s easy to overlook finger smudges on our monitors or dust on our keyboards until forced to wipe them down. Grab some alcohol wipes or cleaning solution and wipe down your keyboard, computer, mouse, desk surface, and everything else. You’ll be astounded at the difference this simple cleaning tip makes! 

4. Organize Your Cables

Although it’s a hassle, detangling your cables makes a tremendous visual difference and prevents safety hazards like fires or tripping. Keep your cables together with a cable organizer or zip tie.

5. Transition to Digital Documents

While a file cabinet is helpful, keeping hundreds of papers around just adds clutter and makes finding important documents unnecessarily challenging. Documents you won’t need regularly, but are still worth keeping, can either be scanned and uploaded to your computer or manually typed out. Switch regular bills or quotes to digital-only to reduce future paper clutter.

6. Reorganize Your Desktop

Your desk isn’t the only place that could use some cleanup. Most office employees work at a computer, so keeping that desktop organized is just as important. Delete old documents that you won’t need anymore. Create new folders for important files and keep those updated and organized. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re searching for an important file!

7. Clean Up That Clutter

While desk decor can spice up an otherwise boring workspace, it’s best to keep the desk clutter to a minimum. 

A few decluttering ideas include:

  • Throw out pens that have run dry
  • Take home excess desk toys/plushies
  • Get rid of unimportant sticky notes, reminders, etc.
  • Recycle old newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Donate office supplies you no longer use 

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