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How to Ease Back Into the Office

We’ve all dreamed of the day we could work from home in our pajamas. For better or worse, this fantasy became a reality for many people over the past year. And while working from home has its benefits, many distractions and temptations arise from staying in the house all day. Fortunately, businesses are reopening, leading many people contemplating — once again — working outside their abode. If you’re considering going back and are questioning how to adapt to this lifestyle again, we’ll tell you exactly how to ease back into the office!

The Case for Going Back

While laid-back lunches and ditching the commute are a perk of working from home, there are many more reasons to go back to the office:

  • No more kids running through your virtual business meetings
  • Finally shaking those feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Better communication with coworkers (thus improving collaborative efficiency)
  • No distractions from dishes or piles of laundry
  • The joy of dressing up will again be yours

(Kind of) Ready to Go Back

Office Partner’s on Pearl’s Desks on Demand is just the thing to help you ease back into the office!

Desks on Demand is a daily/weekly/monthly office rental service conveniently located downtown – right on the Pearl Street Mall – offering safe, private, furnished offices starting at just $50 per day. It’s the perfect way to dip your toe back into the office pool, at your own pace, with no long-term commitment. We’re quite sure you’ll want to stay, though, because each Desks on Demand office is:

  • Private
  • Fully furnished
  • Equipped with working windows and stunning mountain views
  • Outfitted with a private HVAC unit with a premium filter
  • Comes with friendly onsite reception
  • Provides conference room time at the member rate
  • Grants access to building amenities while onsite

In addition to daily rentals, Desks on Demand also provides short-term office spaces with flexible lease options, like a 10-day punch pass for $425 or $35 a day for monthly use ($700 a month.)

And, if you’re ready to dive back into the office full-time, we offer numerous plans to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour!