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Rent a Private Office by the Day in Downtown Boulder

At first, working from home seemed like a treat. Now, several months into sharing a desk (kitchen table) with whiny coworkers (kids) you’re ready to tear your hair out! If only you could get away for one day of peaceful, uninterrupted work time. With Desks on Demand, you can! If you’re ready to trade crying and crayons for free coffee and epic mountain views, keep reading to learn how you can rent a private, socially distanced office – by the day – in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall.

Safety First

Chances are, you’re working from home because COVID-19 closed down your company headquarters. At Office Partners on Pearl, we’re doing all we can to keep the Broadway Building safe for our tenants and guests.

In addition to designating one-way traffic flow at entrances and exits, as well as in our elevators and stairwells, we’ve instituted numerous safety protocols in an attempt to mitigate risk. Here are a few examples:

  • Face masks are required in common areas of the building
  • Using the highest-grade filters and circulating the HVAC 24/7
  • Cleaning and disinfecting on an ongoing and accelerated schedule
  • Providing gloves and compostable dishes and silverware in the café

Own the Office

When you rent space through Desks on Demand, you own the office for the day!

Just imagine walking into your fully furnished, private office and being hit with a face-full of fresh mountain air! (As an added bonus, all of our offices boast stunning views – and unlike most buildings in downtown Boulder – the windows open allowing in lots of fresh air and sunlight.)

You put down your bag and are overwhelmed by the sound of…nothing! No kids, no spouse, no dog, absolutely no distractions! You’re about to sit down when you realize you don’t have to move piles of laundry (toys, dishes, children) off the chair first.

For today, this is your office, and work will be done!

Amenities Aplenty

If the thought of getting work done in a private office makes you giddy, then get ready for gales of laughter at the included amenities!

At Office Partners on Pearl, we make it our mission to provide a comfortable and efficient space for conducting business. We focus on your workspace needs so you can focus on success. As such, Desks on Demand provides you with additional benefits to enjoy while you’re on site:

  • Access to conference rooms
  • Complimentary local coffee, espresso drinks, and tea
  • Secure fiber-direct super-fast Wi-Fi
  • Friendly, professional reception
  • Business-class full-service print center
  • Video Conferencing Rooms
  • Secured indoor bike racks and shower for active commuters

Pay as You Go

Desks on Demand offers you daily rentals of private office space, with three convenient pay-as-you-go pricing options:

  • Prepaid program starting at $50 per day
  • $425 for a 10-day punch pass
  • $35 per day for monthly use ($700/month)

Of course, our hope is that once you’ve worked here, you’ll love Office Partners on Pearl so much you’ll make it your permanent work address! Learn more or schedule a tour by emailing: or calling 303-938-6800.

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  1. Troy Emberton

    Good Morning. I am reaching out as I am in need of a private office to complete an 8 hour video conference tomorrow 2.11.2021. I would need the ability to shut the door and have web access for an 8 hour zoom call. Preferably in Boulder, CO.

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