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Office Partners on Pearl has been quiet the past couple of months and we miss the energy of our members and tenants! As Colorado slowly opens up, we want you to feel safe here at the Broadway Building. We created this landing page as a way to communicate all of the steps we are taking to mitigate risk so you feel that our offices are clean and you are safe.

Welcome Back to Office Partners on Pearl!

Health, Safety, and Physical Distancing Guidelines

  1. Face masks are required in common areas of the building per State and local ordinances.
  2. Air quality is improved with the HVAC circulating 24/7 to keep fresh air in the building. We are also using the highest grade filters available. Unlike most buildings in downtown Boulder, the windows open to allow lots of fresh air and sunlight.
  3. We are cleaning and disinfecting on an ongoing and accelerated schedule.
  4. To reinforce hygienic best practices and one-way traffic flows, we placed signage throughout the building.
  5. Conference rooms are disinfected after each use and the furniture is spaced at safe social distances.
woman wearing a face mask
man wearing a face mask


  • We recommend that you coordinate with others in your office so only 50% of your team is on-site at the same time.
  • Schedule a conference room by email at or by phone at (303) 936-6800. We deep clean and disinfect the room in between each meeting.
  • To limit the number of people in the copy room, our reception staff will retrieve your printed documents for you. You can get them at the front desk or in your mail cubby. Please email documents you wish to print with a cover letter and instructions to
  • Gloves are provided for using the kitchen appliances, coffee machine, spa water, and condiments. Compostable cups with lids, plates, and silverware are provided. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we will not be serving breakfast on Wednesdays until further notice. (We can’t wait to get you those burritos again!)

Commercial office buildings are required to designate one-way traffic flow on the stairwells and elevators, so navigating the building is a bit less convenient right now. We apologize for that!

To save you a little time as you get your bearings back, there are three ways to enter the building and four ways to exit:

Ways to ENTER

  • The Broadway Entrance is Located at 1942 Broadway. Use the stairwell to access the 3rd floor. If there is someone ahead of you, please wait for them to exit the stairwell before you enter. (Stairwells are a pretty confined space.)


  • Pearl Street Double-Door Entrance on the Lower-Level. This will be a 2-way traffic walkway. Just stick to the right.


  • The South Alley is primarily to be used to store your bike and use the elevator.

Ways to EXIT

  • 1200 Pearl Street door on the north side of the building is designed as an exit only.

  • Use the stairwell to access The South Alley.

  • Pearl Street Double-Door is two-way traffic. Just stick to the right-hand side of the doors and the hall.

Interior Direction

  • In general, use the Central stairs to go up and exit the building using the North and South stairs.  If someone is on the stairs, please give them space to enter the next landing before you start, to maintain safe social distance.


  • The elevators are for single use only, so please wait your turn in the designated waiting areas until the elevator is available. The South Elevator goes from the Lower Level to the 3rd Floor. The Central elevator will go to the Lower Level, 1st floor, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor. 

Activities and Events:

We’ve been blogging about different ways to continue to connect with our wonderful community on our blog and on social media, we’ve been celebrating #takeoutshoutout. Check them all out!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christina at We are here for you!