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Safe Shared Office Space Shines During Coronavirus Recovery

Innovation thrives in shared spaces. As such, the pioneers of adaptable officing are finding safe and creative ways to rework their business models in response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to SHRM, nearly 67% of companies are allowing employees to work from home amidst the crisis. This newfound flexibility, coupled with extraordinary technology, (and proper social distancing,) makes the remote-work genie hard to put back in the bottle. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and shared office space is leading the way by safely merging the physical and digital ways we work into our post-COVID-19 world.

An Entrepreneurial Explosion

Sadly, millions of people lost their jobs due to coronavirus business closures. As the economy slowly reopens, lots of these companies no longer exist. And even as businesses begin recalling their furloughed employees, many are encountering refusal to return to close corporate quarters. People have gotten a taste of professional freedom and are ready to parlay that into an autonomous career. Buildings offering private offices along with community amenities, (shared according to CDC guidelines,) are expecting an influx of first-time business owners, small startups, and independent contractors.

New Corporate Culture

Many companies that laid off all of their employees, or sent everyone home to work, let their office leases lapse. Those businesses determining that remote work is equally – if not more – productive than cramming workers into cubicles are also realizing that an affordable alternative exists in shared office spaces. Anticipate a major corporate shift toward relocating staff to offsite locations that still provide a collaborative environment.

Home Office Hybrids

While working from home is a dream come true for employees who like laboring alone, many others are struggling with the isolation and social disconnection. Plus, even those who prefer working in a secluded environment are finding that their home office doesn’t offer the perks and prestige necessary for success. Savvy shared office spots that recognize the needs of hybrid home-workers are offering virtual and mobile membership solutions. These affordable plans offer remote workers valuable part-time resources like impressive office addresses, mail handling, on-site amenities, and a few weekly hours to network and communicate with other humans.

Digital Delivery

As 70% of companies work toward digital transformation, the coronavirus shows us almost none are ready for a global pandemic. On the flip side, professional communities epitomize the integration of digital technology into all segments of business, fundamentally changing how companies operate and deliver value to customers. As a hub for career advancement, shared office space is ahead of the curve in the areas necessary for sustainability when the real-world hits pause:

  • Cloud technology
  • On-Demand services
  • Telecommuting
  • Virtual events

Even before the pandemic, shared office spaces were growing in popularity. Companies discovered they could recruit workers from around the world without paying moving expenses, while employees benefited from a better work/life balance and were more productive as a result. In the aftermath of the disease, traditional offices are scrambling to meet employees’ digital, health, and emotional needs, while shared office spaces continue providing them in real-time. Remote work is the future of business, and why private offices in professional communities are a sensible solution to an economy in recovery.

As companies and individuals find new ways of navigating the working world, we at Office Partners on Pearl are doing our part to provide a healthy, productive environment for our tenants and guests. Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour.

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