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The Rise in Popularity of FlexSpaces

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When many people think of the typical office space, they imagine cubicles lined up in a beige, fluorescent-lit, anonymous space. Today’s office, however, is evolving beyond what it once was. In recent years, offices have transformed into something more dynamic as people have moved to hybrid and remote work.

According to a survey done by Harvard Business Review, people who work in FlexSpaces scored 6 on a 7-point thriving scale, a point higher than regular office employees scored on the same scale. And this isn’t the only survey that’s pointed toward the popularity of FlexSpaces. It’s easy to understand why, when FlexSpaces offer the unique advantage of being cheaper, more accessible, and convenient.

What are FlexSpaces?

FlexSpaces are open office spaces that are shared between several different individuals who mostly work for different companies or are self-employed. Usually, they are used as an alternative to places like coffee shops or libraries for those who want a more private and professional environment to do their work free of excessive noise or to host meetings.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

More people are still working remotely or in hybrid office setups due to COVID-19. Over time, individuals may find themselves preferring to work outside of their home office. It can be lonely to work from home, or maybe their home environment wasn’t fit for working (not enough space, noisy kids and pets, etc.). Regardless, working in a FlexSpace is great for these people because it offers a sense of community they wouldn’t have otherwise.

FlexSpaces are Cheaper for Big Companies

Some bigger businesses have found owning their own office to be too expensive. Many also want flexibility outside of the long-term leases that many commercial buildings require. FlexSpaces are a way for businesses to pivot into a more affordable solution. Especially as companies continue to downsize, moving to rental office spaces is a quick and easy option. 

Employees of larger companies tend to prefer FlexSpaces over traditional office spaces as well. Given the more open nature of FlexSpaces, employees have more freedom and independence than in more traditional office setups. Some office spaces even have access to private meeting rooms in FlexSpaces.

Small Businesses and Freelance Work Are Growing

Solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses usually aren’t big enough to justify buying or renting their own larger office space. FlexSpaces save these smaller businesses considerable money on overhead costs. FlexSpaces also make it easier to focus on growing their business, because amenities and maintenance are handled by whoever is renting the office space out. 

Being able to share an office space with other small businesses and like-minded freelancers makes FlexSpaces appealing. It can also be a great way to build local connections with other self-starters.

Work in a FlexSpace in Downtown Boulder!

Need a cheaper alternative to traditional office spaces? Or maybe you’re a remote worker who needs a greater sense of community. Come on down to our offices on Pearl Street in Boulder! We have desks on demand that function as safe and comfortable FlexSpaces for anyone!

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  • Access to conference rooms at the member rate
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  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
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