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Virtual Memberships: Office Camaraderie for the Solopreneur Set

With the availability of digital communication, more people are joining the solopreneur set than ever before. Unlike entrepreneurs, solopreneurs run their businesses single-handedly, while entrepreneurs look to expand their empire by adding and managing employees.

One misconception about solopreneurs, however, is that they don’t like being around other people. While true that many solopreneurs are happiest alone, working from home, without the interruption of bellowing bosses and gossiping coworkers. Lots of self-made soloists miss the hustle-and-bustle of a busy office, and crave the company of others in the business community, choosing instead to rent office space in a communal building or engage in full-time coworking.

Then there are the hybrid solopreneurs, those who relish their commute-free status and sweatpants-clad conference calls – on some days – while reveling in office-mate coffee breaks and networking events on others. For those solos, Office Partners on Pearl has the ideal solution!

Virtual Membership

Affording the best of both worlds, our virtual membership provides the premier downtown address in Boulder (optimal for impressing clients,) and 8-hours of Desks on Demand use per month. Work here or work at home, this membership is perfect for those needing a flexible workspace, an occasional meeting room for a big presentation, and a close connection with a larger community of potential partners and collaborators.

Starting at only $79 per month, virtual memberships grant you access to all available amenities, including:

  • Well-appointed reception area
  • Friendly and professional on-site receptionist
  • Mail and package handling
  • Discounted rate on meeting rooms
  • Business-class printers
  • Super-fast and secure wi-fi
  • Invitations to community events
  • Local, organic coffee and tea
  • After-hours building access
  • Indoor bike racks and showers

Your search for (part-time) office camaraderie is over! Contact us for more information and a tour.

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