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What is a One-Day Office?

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If anything good came from the last few years, it was the confirmation that our work lives don’t have to stick to the traditional 9-to-5 in-person office model. 

In fact, as of one 2022 study, 74% of U.S. companies are either using or planning to switch to a hybrid work model permanently.

As a result, flexible options for offices and in-person workplaces are in higher demand than ever.

Flex spaces and desk hoteling are two solid options (we offer both!), but another option that most people don’t know about is the one-day office.

What is a One-Day Office?

A one-day office is a private work space that your company can rent out for a single day (or even just for a few hours). They are fully furnished, and usually come with some degree of tech support and building security.

One-day offices are ideal for:

  • Occasional in-person meetings for remote teams
  • Big presentations or quarterly check-ins
  • Client meetings where you need a polished, professional look
  • Any business meeting that requires confidentiality and privacy

Benefits of a Day Office

The biggest advantage to a one-day office is that they are available on-demand. 

By using a one-day office, companies can avoid the commitment and financial burden of a longer-term rent while still enjoying many of the same advantages of a traditional office, such as:

  • Structured, distraction-free workspaces
  • An atmosphere for more effective team collaboration
  • And the opportunity for co-workers to interact face-to-face

For companies with fully remote teams, one-day offices also provide an excellent level of flexibility. 

Instead of holding your meetings in the same place every time, you can change locations to meet the needs of your team and make commuting easier.

What to Look for in a Day Office Space

So what should you look for if you’re thinking about renting out a one-day office? 

We recommend prioritizing space, vibe, and location!


Keep in mind how many people will be using the office and what they’ll be using it for. 

Will you need a large conference table where everyone can get together and share their ideas? Or is your team going to be breaking off into smaller groups for more focused work?

Look at the furnishings and how the office is arranged to make sure it’s going to fit your needs.


It’s also important to consider what type of environment your team will be most productive in. 

Does your team thrive in a more open, creative space with lots of natural light and interesting visual features? 

Or do they do well in something more traditional and structured? 

Think about the type of work your team does and the personality of each member to try to find the right fit.


Don’t forget about the location itself! 

When it comes to that mid-meeting break, a one-day office that’s close to good restaurants and cafes can’t be beat. 

You also obviously want to keep safety in mind. 

Check out the security policies of the building you’ll be renting in, but also take a look at things like the availability of parking garages nearby and the walkability of the surrounding area.

Want to Try Out a One-Day Office?

Stop by Office Partners on Pearl to check out our one-time conference room and Desks on Demand!