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Why Flex Spaces are More Necessary Than Ever

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At this point, it’s obvious that the last few years irreversibly altered the business landscape.

A strong preference for remote work among employees is still going strong (59% of workers say they would be more likely to choose a job where remote work is allowed) and more businesses are adopting flexible options that permit remote work at least a few days out of the week.

However, as a business owner or manager, you probably still have a need for regular (or not so regular) in-person meet-ups.

That’s where flex spaces come in. Flex spaces are ideal for meeting the needs of your employees and your business, all without the high cost and commitment of a permanent office space.

Meet the Increasing Demand for Flexibility

In a study done by PwC, 95% of millennials said that work/life balance was an important priority for them, and a substantial portion of Gen Z workers expect jobs that will support their lifestyles rather than dictate them.

In other words, flexibility is in and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Flex spaces are ideally suited to meet this spike in demand for flexible work arrangements while still allowing businesses to maintain access to private, professional office spaces.

An added benefit is that flex spaces enable your business to remain limber and adaptable. You can scale back or grow your team without having to worry about unused office space or exceeding your capacity. All you have to do is a find a flex space that meets your needs and you’re set!

Lower Costs for Businesses

No contracts or long-term commitments. 

When you look into the multiple benefits of flex spaces, this one likely appears at or near the top of most people’s lists.

That’s because flex spaces remove the need for a permanent, long-term office space that, if not used at full capacity every day of the work week, can end up costing businesses much more than they’re worth.

Flex spaces are often available on-demand and even by-the-hour for businesses that need a private space for client meetings or team work. Many flex spaces also offer memberships that come with a variety of other perks including after-hours access and receptionist services that are worked into the cost.

Increase Productivity

For employers concerned about the productivity of their employees in flexible working situations, offering access to a flex space can be a great solution.

By providing a quiet atmosphere, flex spaces can enhance collaboration and creativity between team members. 

Flex spaces can also be customized to fit the specific needs of your team, which can have a significant impact on productivity. Providing people with a space where they feel comfortable leads to improved well-being and better morale overall.

Support Sustainable Practices

We might have saved our favorite for last. 

While the benefits we already mentioned are fantastic, nothing beats the fact that flex spaces are a great way to enhance and strengthen your commitment to sustainability.

Not only can flex spaces reduce the overall energy usage and waste production of a company, but taking advantage of flex spaces means that your employees don’t have to commute as often.

Seeking out flex spaces that are close to public transportation also makes it easier for employees to bus, walk, or carpool to work. 

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