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5 Workplace Perks That Boost Employee Morale

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Consider Company Culture When Implementing Employee Perks

Small benefits can go a long way to boost employee morale; it’s a great way to show appreciation for your team. Of course, we’re not going so far as to suggest free Botox or rainbow slides in the office, as some well-known companies are known to provide, but we are talking about simple amenities that can give employees that little boost they might need during a tough day.

Your company’s culture will help you decide which perks can be implemented. For example,  you may not want “casual Fridays” in a corporate environment where looking less than professional could harm the company’s image. Following are five ideas for job perks that are relatively easy to implement.

Pet-Friendly Perks

What better way to brighten a workday than having Fido curled up at your feet? Taking your dog on short walks throughout the day is a win-win situation. Employee productivity can increase by taking regular breaks, according to MedicalNewsToday; plus, you and Fido get some exercise and fresh air during canine potty breaks. 

Two more interesting pet-related workplace incentives are offering pet insurance and pawternity leave. These differ from typical benefits, showing your business is forward-thinking. For employees who don’t have children and therefore won’t receive maternity or paternity leave, these benefits show that furbaby parents are important, too!

Bus Passes Are the Green Way To Go 

Remember how quiet the outside world was during the 2020 pandemic lockdown? That quiet was due to fewer vehicles going to and fro every day. This lead to less pollution, including nitrogen dioxide according to a NASA model. So let’s keep that clean-air ball rolling!

Free bus or train passes are the new business parking spot. Encourage your team to take alternative transportation to work by providing bus or train passes as an incentive. For employees who ride their bikes to work, providing a safe space for their bikes or a stipend toward tune-ups and maintenance are out-of-the-box perks any bike rider would appreciate.

Drinks & Snacks on the House

A hangry employee is a productivity killer. Keeping healthy snacks and some sweet treats at the office is a crowd-pleaser. Throw in good coffee and sparkling water to turn those employees into your dream team. The good news is that there are plenty of office snack services, including NatureBox, The Fruit Guys, Work Perks, and Canteen, among others. 

Another fun option is providing monthly lunches for the whole team. Eating together can boost team morale and help forge workplace friendships. Company lunches also show that taking lunch breaks is encouraged — remember that work breaks increase employee productivity? 

Give the Gift of Time

Show your team that you appreciate their time commitment to work by offering a monthly credit toward a personal concierge service like TaskRabbit

There aren’t many people who actually want to clean their houses, assemble that new Ikea shelving unit, or fix the broken doorbell on their days off. Even $25 per month can add up to an excellent spring cleaning for your house or hire a handyperson to fix all of the things on that pesky honey-do list. 

Customized Office Desks 

Sitting is the new smoking; doing too much of it can lead to cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Creating a standing desk can be as simple as using risers for computers and monitors. 

Take it up a couple of notches with a treadmill desk. Depending on the number of employees at your company and who is interested, you may only need one treadmill desk for everyone to share. Walking has mental and physical benefits, so a treadmill desk is just what the doctor ordered.

Office Space Opportunities With Built-in Amenities

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