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The Office Partners and the Pearl

Once upon a time, in beautiful downtown Boulder, stood a majestic high-rise known as the Broadway Building. People from all over the land came to marvel at the structure’s timeless character and prestigious placement, right in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall. “I want to work here!” one shouted, “Me too!” yelled another, as business after business and shop after shop crowded around the legendary location.

Suddenly, as one of the startups began screaming about complimentary coffee, a team appeared to help. They weren’t just some ordinary band of businesspeople, though, no, they were partners. Comprised of a playwright – slash- receptionist, two proud military men, and a general manager turned tightrope walker – they called themselves Office Partners on Pearl – and they held the keys to the community.

Meet the Team

The president and creator of OPP, Paul Eklund, draws his personal power from reading, hiking, running, and practicing spiritual advancement through yoga and meditation. A civil engineer who flew recon in the military, Paul also possesses vast real estate construction and development management experience, making him the perfect person to manage OPP’s assets. Driven by the desire for fair business practice, integrity, and working honestly with people, Paul makes it his mission to provide the facilities that work for each tenant’s business development. Listening to and learning from the thoughts and ideas of a diverse group of people is why he enjoys being part of the OPP community, (that and the fact that no two days are ever the same!) When Paul’s not wielding his magical work wand, he can be found unwinding with a good read, like War and Peace, The Stranger, or A. Lincoln: A Biography.

Chad Huilman, is OPP’s Vice President of Operations though his business card simply reads, Factotum. Chad most enjoys spending time with his wife and family, though, he derives great joy from providing a safe, comfortable, functional workplace for numerous Boulder businesses. A proud veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, he loves that the OPP community is always coming up with something new for him to solve. Boredom is his kryptonite. Chad has many interests including listening to the podcasts, The Herd and Revisionist History and reading books like Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. Driven by hard work and bringing value to the to all his endeavors, Chad really does have an “S” on his chest.

It was a dark and stormy night when Candice Emerson first heeded the call of the Pearl. Part-time cat herder, part-time flexibility practitioner; Candice wears the badge of OPP’s General Manager. Driven by patience, unbridled passion, creativity, and kindness; she makes it her mission to eradicate wasted time spent on the where and how of office space that best fits a company’s team. An avid reader, Candice enjoys a wide variety of books including, The Bridge Across Forever, Essential Essays, and The Humane Economy and will listen to any podcast or TED about personal power. Candice loves managing the ever-changing landscape and personality of shared office space, but she’d (honestly) rather be scuba diving.

OPP’s enthusiastic front-of-house mayhem manager is receptionist, Jennifer Faletto. When not taking long walks on the beach or brewing appropriately measured pots of coffee, Jennifer enjoys interacting with the outstanding OPP tenants. An accomplished playwright, Jennifer is currently in residence at Denver Center for the Performing Arts developing a new audience-interactive theatre project titled: CONSPIRACY THEORY G.

Paul, Chad, Candice, and Jennifer – fine individuals who, together, provide businesses with the tools to achieve success. More than office space, Office Partners on Pearl, is a fabulous foursome comprised of:

  • Flexibility
  • Amenities
  • Service
  • Lifestyle

The moral of the story: When businesses choose the community at OPP, they work happily ever after.

The end. This is just the beginning…

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