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People Are Ready to go Back to the Office

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According to a survey by OnePoll, nine out of ten (a whopping 90%) of people are looking forward to returning to the office.. After two years of isolation, more and more individuals are ready to be around others and venture outside of their homes for work. The reasons people want to return vary, but the general consensus is that it is time to get back into the swing of office life. 

It’s the People

No matter how fulfilling some may find working from home, there is one important aspect of office life it can not provide…live interaction with other people. As such, many employees long to walk back into work because they are:

  • Sick of video conferences
  • Looking forward to in-person meetings
  • Missing going out to lunch with co-workers

If you checked off any of the above, then Office Partners on Pearl is perfect for you!

We offer conference rooms for in-person meetings – though we also have everything you need for those dreaded video calls – and we are in the heart of downtown Boulder with tons of delicious restaurants from which to choose. 

As we continue navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, with no clear ending in sight, it is time to make healthy and safe changes to improve the quality of life. While we welcome you back to work, Office Partners on Pearl continues prioritizing your health and comfort. A few of our safety guidelines include: 

  • Face masks in common areas of the building
  • High-quality HVAC filtered air circulating in the building 24/7
  • Cleaning and disinfecting on an ongoing basis
  • Signage throughout the building to reinforce best practices 
  • Gloves are provided to use the kitchen appliances, coffee machines, and condiments 

When you’re ready to climb back into that company chair, contact Office Partners on Pearl to learn more or schedule a tour!