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5 Corporate Events You Can Throw in Our Space [Gallery]

Throwing a corporate event is a great way to reward your employees for a job well done or to raise money for a worthy cause. Offsite staff gatherings also offer opportunities for team building, skills enhancement, and leadership development.

If the very thought of finding a venue and planning such an event causes you to break out in hives, however, we’re here to help! Starting at only $70 per hour, our Studio 35 event space is located in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall and comes with a host included amenities:

  • Configurable space
  • Seating for up to 40
  • Plug and play presentation screen
  • Wireless streaming capabilities
  • Desks and chairs on wheels
  • Super fast, private wifi
  • Professional reception to greet your guests
  • Local organic coffee, tea, and spring water
  • Set up and take down service
  • Catering (from your choice of vendor)

Need some inspiration? Here are five of the many events you can throw in our space…


A seminar is a great way to teach all of your employees something at the same time. Invite an expert or influencer to speak on an industry topic that benefits your business. For more hands-on learning, host a hybrid seminar/workshop requiring group interaction and individual participation.


Auctions make really fun events and are perfect for corporate fundraising and community philanthropy. Ask local businesses to donate items or services and sell them to those willing to pay the highest amount. Hire a real auctioneer for a truly exciting experience.

Breakfast Briefing

Throw a breakfast briefing in conjunction with a company-wide announcement or new product presentation. Your staff will appreciate the morning fuel and will return to the office alert and energized. Bonus: The early hour ensures no one will be watching the clock for quitting time!

Awards Ceremony

Everyone likes to be recognized. Awards can be serious, like honoring employees and teams for their commitment and dedication to the company and clients. And awards can be silly, like in recognition of the most unique tie collection or crowning the office Miss Congeniality. Regardless, award ceremonies foster employee engagement and reinforce company loyalty.


Health-focused corporate events show your employees you care about their well-being while offering ways to relax and de-stress. You could offer a meditation workshop or bring in a yoga instructor. Send your staff back to the office rejuvenated in a state of Zen.

Remember, these are just a few of the corporate events you can throw in Studio 35! Contact us to learn more or take a tour.

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