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Exciting Updates in 2019

The Downtown Boulder Historic District is the city’s oldest commercial sector reflecting the area’s evolution and growth. The Broadway Building – originally only two-stories – was transformed into a five-story structure by First National Bank in 1918. The Colorado Historical Society states, “The building inhabits one of the district’s most iconic commercial blocks and acts as an essential visual landmark in the downtown area”. Most significant, the Broadway Building represents one of only two examples of early 20th-century high-rise architecture on the Pearl Street Mall.

Office Partners on Pearl is proud to reside in such an integral part of Boulder’s history while providing an exemplary experience for our community of businesses. We believe maintaining the historical integrity of the building and updating the appearance is as important as updating our services and amenities. Together with the landlord, we’re accomplishing both!

The landlord has chosen to invest, not only in maintaining but vastly improving the exterior, interior and energy efficiency of this incredible building. Having received a landmark alteration certificate from the city of Boulder, with great excitement and gratitude we share some of the updates scheduled for 2019.

Exterior Updates

After listening to our tenants, we concluded that while the Broadway Building is home to numerous businesses, the structure itself should portray a unified identity while remaining sensitive to its historical characteristics. Some of the planned exterior updates include:

  • Painting the fire escape and exterior stucco
  • Updating and replacing all signage for retail and studio level spaces.
  • Replacing the north and west entrances with historically sensitive doors
  • Recovering the southside awnings to match the current north and west side awnings.
  • Adding a custom replica clock to the building in remembrance of the original clock mounted on the Northwest corner.
  • Installing granite kick plates to the exterior
  • Replacing the canopies and awnings over the retail spaces on Pearl Street

Interior Common Area Updates

While your business and employees may have private office space, the common areas are where people network and connect. Additionally, your prospective clients and customers gather in these common areas, so making a good impression is our top priority. Planned common area updates include:

  • A new open-floor plan configuration in the reception area
  • Completing the carpet upgrade
  • Freshening interior paint throughout
  • Healthy, live plants thriving on all floors
  • Adding a restroom on the studio level
  • Updating artwork throughout
  • Modernizing the west elevator cab

Energy Efficient Updates

Working in a building of historical distinction is an honor but doesn’t negate the responsibility of caring for our planet. Luckily, we don’t have to choose. While we must abide by the approvals outlined in the landmark alteration certificate, it doesn’t mean we can’t be green! Planned energy efficient updates include:

  • Upgraded interior lighting
  • Upgraded exterior lighting
  • Updating the heating and cooling units throughout the building.

We have many exciting updates planned for the new year and are eager to share them with you! Throughout the process, we’ll invite our members to preview our designs, give input and ask questions about the improvements. Rest assured; we’ll do all we can to keep all inconvenience to a minimum, however, should you experience issues related to the on-going work, do not hesitate to contact Candice for immediate assistance.

We want you to feel good about being in the Broadway Building and proud to call Office Partners on Pearl your home.

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