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The Home Office or Coworking Quiz

For many freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and coders working from home is a dream come true. Rolling out of bed and into their home office feels like they’ve won the job site lottery; no gossipy coworkers, breaks-on-demand, and completely clothing optional.

Conversely, there are those who shudder at the mere thought of a hybrid guestroom-slash-graphics-studio and only sharing lunchtime with the dog. They long for the background buzz of an office, collaborating on projects, and making new friends; for them, coworking makes the most sense.

No doubt there are benefits and drawbacks to both scenarios making the decision difficult for many. To help you decide if you’d be happier snuggled up in your PJs while banging out your blog, or brainstorming with your new buddies at a coworking space, we’ve created this quiz:

Home Office or Coworking Space

Choose the answer that best describes your preference:

a. I have no interest in paying for workspace.
b. I don’t mind spending a little money each month for workspace.

a. Commuting to work is awful.
b. I’m not bothered by a commute.

a. I don’t like wearing “business attire.”
b. I enjoy getting ready for work.

a. I’m able to stay on task wherever I work
b. I’m easily distracted during work (TV, kids, Facebook, napping,) if not held accountable.

a. I enjoy working in isolation
b. I get lonely when working by myself.

a. I’m easily able to separate “work time” from “time off.”
b. Working from home feels like I’m always working.

a. Digital collaboration (phone, text, video conference, email) is sufficient.
b. I need to network in-person.

a. I have a need for professional privacy (trade secrets, competition, confidential files)
b. I’m building a brand and want to be around like-minded people.

a. I’m most productive working when I choose.
b. I need a regimented schedule to be productive.

a. I like eating lunch and taking breaks alone.
b. I enjoy socializing at lunch and on breaks.

Mostly a – You will probably be most comfortable with a home office. Whether you’re programming a top-secret app or just prefer working alone, lunch at your own kitchen table – with no commute – keeps you motivated. A home office is also great for sticking to a budget and for those also managing kids, appointments, and a household.

Mostly b – A coworking environment might be just what you need. For you, getting ready for work is akin to starting the day. You may not have a boss, (because that’s you!) but socializing and networking with “coworkers” IS part of your job. Your productivity is sparked by collaborating – face-to-face – with others. Coworking is also ideal for startups and larger companies with satellite locations.

If you’re split a’s and b’s, you’re not alone. There’s a growing trend of splitting time between a shared space and home office. Why not have the best of both worlds? Plus, you never want to publish your home address for the entire Internet to see. Instead, we offer a business address for your website and Google listing.

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