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Why Coworking Kicks in the Drive to Thrive

While not surprising that working within shared space often makes people more productive than toiling away from home; it is quite remarkable to find that members of coworking spaces are even more successful than those employed in a traditional office. If you’re an entrepreneur, remote worker, or kicking off a startup and considering home base options – keep reading to find out why coworking kicks in the drive to thrive!


According to the American Management Association, office politics make employees sick; the estimated productivity loss resulting from stress is more than $100 billion in the United States alone. Because coworking spaces are filled with people from different industries and companies, direct competition and internal politics are virtually non-existent. Instead, coworkers often report feeling special or interesting allowing them to be themselves and still stand out among a variety of vocations.

Additionally, coworking culture is collaborative by nature, so there’s almost always someone with whom to brainstorm or to lend a hand with a skillset you may not currently possess. Think of how many solutions you could find by discussing a problem with a pool of people possessing diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives!


Working a 9-to-5 job typically means planning out every doctor’s appointment, service call, and vacation then praying you have enough PTO to cover it (if someone else hasn’t already requested that time off.) If you belong to a coworking company with after-hours access, however, you have far more control over your time and your life. With flexible schedules, according to Employee Metrics, workers are far more likely to rate their job positively and use their hours productively.

Coworking affords employees the chance to hit the gym in the middle of the day, take their child to the dentist, or wait out the cable service window without repercussions. This freedom translates to working when YOU’RE most productive and focused, be it at 6 am or midnight. Coworking also adapts to the atmosphere you need to thrive – be it in a quiet space, at an interactive desk, or even from home on some days.

Companies concerned that too much freedom will make their employees lazy, need not worry. Coworking spaces act as small societies which inherently create some level of structure. Making a routine of coworking fosters just enough discipline to keep people motivated and productive.


If working in an office causes stress, and laboring from home is too isolating, then coworking may be just right. Having a sense of community can be uplifting and inspiring, especially when socializing is optional. One day you may feel like chatting over coffee, so you head to the café, the next you may wish to be left alone – and you will – in a coworking space. Each coworking space has its own well-cultivated vibe so if one place is too rowdy, it’s easy to find one more suited to your style.

Coworking spaces are usually run by hybrid manager-hospitality staff who work hard to create a welcoming and professional environment. These teams tend to go out of their way to learn the names of their members, offer amenities for both business and pleasure, and plan networking and social events. Even workers who choose not to regularly engage with the community report a strong sense of identity within the group and value the opportunity for potential partnerships.

Culture, control, community – the three C’s of coworking – is what kicks in the drive to thrive. Ready to learn more or take a tour of Office Partners on Pearl? Contact us!

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