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How Shared Office Space and Coworking Differ

Right now, 4.7 million people – or 3.4% of the population – work remotely, The question is, from where do they work and why? A whopping 84% say they work from home, most of the time, with the rest choosing coworking spaces and coffee houses to set up shop. When asked what they miss most about working at their company’s headquarters, more than half listed office camaraderie and networking opportunities; it’s concerns over privacy and environmental distractions that keep many from exploring additional outside options.


What some startups, remote workers, and independent contractors don’t yet realize, however, is that there’s another option to consider. While some people find working in their jammies and home-cooked lunches the pinnacle of workplace success, others say working from home is just too isolating. Conversely, there are those workers who thrive on the amped-up activity and collaborative environment of coworking, while others are flustered by the constant action and find it too aggravating to prosper. For the Goldilocks crowd, shared office space might be just right.


Coworking is typically comprised of collaborative spaces where numerous people, from all walks of business, share common desks and tables. Most coworking spaces also offer conference room use for an additional fee. The coworking atmosphere bustles with brainstorming and provides endless opportunities for creating connections with other like-minded folks. Most coworking spots charge a membership fee – though some offer an hourly rate – and provide access to office equipment, Wi-Fi, coffee, and IT support.

Shared Office Space

Think of shared office space like an apartment complex; many individuals and families residing in their own, private space – contained in a common building – inclusive of community areas and amenities. Many established organizations, and individuals who host clients and meetings for their business, prefer going the shared office space route because it provides far more privacy than coworking with the added bonus of keeping the entire team contained. Shared office space is typically more professional than a coworking environment, providing a lobby and receptionist for the building, as well as technical support and a more refined appearance. Shared office spaces almost always offer more amenities than coworking clubs like package handling, bike racks, showers, gyms, and discounts on parking, but also cost more and require a more long-term commitment.

Fortunately, we offer both options (and many more) at Office Partners on Pearl! Whatever your business, schedule, personality, or preference we’re confident we have a plan that fits your needs and your budget:

Plus, our memberships include these amenities:

  • After-hours building access
  • Alley drop off
  • Beautiful offices in a premier location
  • Business-class printers
  • Direct access to downtown
  • Discounted meeting room usage
  • Easy access to walking, biking, buses, and parking
  • Free EcoPass
  • Free local coffee, tea, and spa water
  • Indoor Bike Parking
  • Mail and package handling
  • One Boulder Fitness Discount
  • Professional reception
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Showers
  • Welcoming on-site staff
  • Well-appointed reception area

We’d love to discuss YOUR officing needs, learn more or schedule a tour today!

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