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How to Hire in 2021

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The countrywide COVID lockdown that kicked off the second quarter of 2020 drastically and permanently changed the business landscape. Fortunately, we humans are quite resilient! In the months since the pandemic began, we’ve learned how to control the spread of the virus, formulated a vaccine, and become versed in all things virtual. And while this new year is already full of challenges, it also offers a beacon of hope — life returning to normal, businesses roaring back – so, let’s help it along by mastering how to hire in 2021!

Safety First

Pre-pandemic, salary and benefits topped the list of what candidates deemed important when searching for a job. Now, according to a new survey, 54% of employees are concerned about catching COVID in the workplace.

Attracting talent in 2021 starts by including your company’s COVID mitigation protocol in all recruitment materials. Show that your organization is taking safety seriously, be specific about the rules regarding social distancing, sanitizing, and masks. Also, adding a page to your website spelling out your office policies assures, both, candidates and employees that your company values their health and well-being.

 Zoom Looms

The coronavirus forced many companies to quickly adapt, resulting in some implementing remote work policies for the very first time. Fortunately, most saw productivity rise as a result of worker flexibility, as it’s likely here to say.

Case in point, only ten months since the coronavirus lockdowns began, Internet searches for work from home jobs have skyrocketed. And for working parents with school-aged children, 75% say that offering a flexible schedule is the best way to support them through the pandemic and beyond.

And don’t worry if you’re daunted by the thought of managing a team remotely, as the benefits far outweigh the risks. By removing geography from the equation, your company is free to hire the most skilled and talented employees, regardless of where they live. Just be sure your hiring managers feel comfortable conducting interviews over Zoom, and that those tasked with vetting candidates practice due diligence regarding background and reference checks.

Diversity and Inclusion

While diversity in the workplace is nothing new, the sweeping social justice movements that kicked off last year have pushed it even further into the forefront. So much so, in fact, that 62% of people surveyed said they would turn down a job if the company’s culture wasn’t inclusive.

This is good news for untapped talent, candidates formerly not considered due to disability, criminal record, or a lack of post-secondary education. And it’s great news for business! Mixed-gender executive teams are 25% more profitable, and ethnically diverse companies are 36% more profitable than organizations with less inclusive hiring practices.

During recruitment, show candidates your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by advertising your employment practices in all hiring and marketing materials.

The Gig is Up

With the pandemic and financial uncertainty continuing to loom into 2021, many companies are hesitant to hire for permanent positions. As such, abundant numbers of organizations are pivoting to contingent workers for the foreseeable future. Luckily, lots of talented laborers are foregoing full-time jobs in favor of freelance work. In fact, the shift is so strong, that more than half of all skilled workers are expected to be contingent by the end of the year.

Just keep in mind that hiring gig workers requires understanding what’s most important to them. Focus your recruitment marketing on salary, flexibility, and fair treatment to attract the best talent.

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