You are currently viewing Office Partners on Pearl Company Spotlight: MindFull, Inc.

Office Partners on Pearl Company Spotlight: MindFull, Inc.

At Office Partners on Pearl, we’re more than just office space – we are a community. Walking our halls are movers and shakers of every industry imaginable – from attorneys and accountants to real estate brokers and private equity firms; nonprofits and graphic designers to health practitioners and religious organizations – all striving for success in Downtown Boulder’s iconic location.

In a new series of posts, we’ll shine the spotlight on some of the fantastic companies, (and the people who run them,) calling OPonPearl their home away from home. Showcasing the purpose, values, and vision behind these featured organizations pays tribute to our terrific tenants while introducing you to a new business, or possibly, your future neighbors!

Spotlight on MindFull, Inc.

Founded in 2018, and billing itself as a portfolio of innovative brands, MindFull, Inc. was started on the belief that innovative product development is a driving force in the organic food movement. According to CEO, Matthew Jimenez:

“Our purpose is to create functional food products that utilize the highest quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, and ethical practices to promote overall health and wellness.” Adding, “What better place than healthy, well-bodied Boulder, Colorado?”

Providing customers with – guilt-free – lasting energy and functional hydration comes in the form of MindFull’s line of Gaiam Organic Green Teas and Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Teas. The appeal, says Jimenez, is their modern take on favorite beverages:

“Each tea is crafted using artesian spring water that contains naturally-occurring electrolytes for hydration, with natural caffeine and just 1 to 2 grams of sugar per bottle from organic honey.”

In addition to the arduous process of developing tasty teas, MindFull’s biggest challenge – like most fledgling companies – has been getting their product into the hands of consumers. Word is starting to spread about the brand, however, after partnering with local businesses, expanding awareness and reach.

Of course, the goal is a booming business, but to Jimenez and his team, it’s the wide eyes and big smiles of inaugural imbibers making it all worth it:

“There’s no better compliment we get than when a mom, an athlete, a middle-schooler, or a fellow colleague that tries our teas for the first time says, ‘This is so good!’ We get excited when the lights go on, and people realize they can have a healthy product without sacrificing the taste.”

Jimenez also credits his team – including Jillian Shimskey, Elisabeth Michaels, Elyza Castillo, and Aubrey Montgomery – for establishing an arena of increased innovation:

“[We’re] attracting the best talent in the biz by creating an environment that encourages ownership and freedom to grow ourselves, our team and our community.”

Growing, they are, with a recent feature in Food Navigator’s Soup to Nuts podcast and a nationwide rollout of MindFull’s Gaiam Organic Green Teas in Whole Foods set for March, Jimenez is ready to be the world’s cup of tea. Visit them in their element at OPonPearl, though, and you’ll notice they’re as down-to-earth as their drinks, explains Jimenez:

“Is it possible to describe a typical day at a startup?! Every day varies for every member of the team. When we’re not swapping ideas in our team huddles, we’re traveling to meet our team in Canada or working independently at the office. All while staying well-hydrated, of course!”

And, though their livelihood depends on blending healthy beverages, no one is immune to the challenges of a brand-new business. When asked the one thing he would do differently, Jimenez states merely,

“Order the pre-assembled Ikea desks!”



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