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Welcome Back to Work Under Colorado’s Safer at Home Protocol

Office Partners on Pearl is excited to step into the next phase of the State of Colorado’s Safer at Home order. This new phase will allow some of us to go back to work, as long as we follow the new policy. In order to comply with social distancing standards, the tenants of The Broadway Building will have to change the way in which the building is navigated. These changes will cause interference while you enter and exit the building. Please be patient and allow extra time to maneuver through the building.

We know that it will not be second nature to maneuver the building or use a face covering. This is not an ideal situation for anyone, but it is necessary to keep the City of Boulder from issuing another Stay at Home order. Below is a list of adjustments we all need to make in order to comply with Colorado’s Safer at Home order.

Building Protocol:

1) Face Coverings Required: Every person is required to wear a mask, bandanna, or secured scarf while in or around The Broadway Building. If you do not have a face-covering upon entering the building, we will ask you to wear one. It’s a good idea to bring an extra mask or bandanna with your belongings in case you forget one day.

2) 50% Occupancy: The City of Boulder has initiated Colorado’s Safer at Home order which forbids office occupancy to exceed 50%. This means that you may have to coordinate your schedule or delegate your employees’ schedules, to monitor the use of your office space. We prefer that tenants only enter the building if necessary and work remotely from home if possible. Please stagger tenants into the building if you have more than one employee; have them come in during the off-hours so we do not have bottleneck issues in the mornings and evenings because everyone is trying to arrive and leave at the same time.

3) Stairs and Elevators: We encourage our office members to minimize the attendance at The Broadway Building as much as possible in accord with the Safer at Home order. It is not going to be as convenient to maneuver the building as we usually do. Commercial office buildings, like The Broadway Building, are required to designate one-way traffic flow on the stairwells and elevators, instead of the typical 2-way traffic flow. This will cause you frustration and require extra time to travel from place to place. Please be patient and allow extra time, as there are no short cuts. This is the only way to keep our social distance while in the stairwells and elevators.

Three Ways to ENTER The Broadway Building:

1. The Broadway Entrance located at 1942 Broadway. The stairwell is designated to go up to the 3rd floor. Each person needs to wait for the person ahead of them to exit each stairwell before beginning their ascent.

2. Pearl Street Double Door Entrance on the Lower Level. This will be a 2-way traffic walkway. Follow the signs and enter on the right side of the stairwell and through the right door next to the key fob reader. Please keep to the right side of the hallway, then you may go up the elevator. You may take the Broadway elevator up to L3 and then the Broadway stairwell once you get to L3.

3. The South Alley is to be used in a limited capacity as an entrance. You may only enter the South Alley entrance to store your bike and to use the elevator.

Four Ways to EXIT The Broadway Building:

1. 1200 Pearl Street Mall Door on the Northside of the building. This stairwell is to go down only. Entry through this door will not be allowed and your key fob will not allow you to enter through the 1200 Pearl Street door.

2. South Alley Door on the Southside of the building. This stairwell is to go down only. Entry through this door will not be allowed and your key fob will not allow you to enter through the South Alley door.

3. The Lower Level Double Doors to the Pearl Street Mall. This will be a 2-way traffic walkway. Follow the signage and stay on the right side of the hallway and exit through the right door to The Pearl Street Mall.

4. Broadway Elevator and Stairwell will split directions on the 3rd floor (L3) landing. In the Tower, the elevator will go DOWN from L5 to L3. Stairs will go UP from L3 to L5. If a person is using the stairs, you will have to wait until they enter the next landing to remain 6 feet away. The Broadway elevator will go DOWN from L3-L1. The Broadway stairwell will go UP from L1 to the 3rd floor.

Protocol Continued…

4) Conference Rooms: Scheduling of conference rooms must be done through email at or by phone at (303) 936-6800. To comply with social distancing standards, we are limiting the number of people allowed in each conference room. The furniture has been placed 6 feet apart. DO NOT MOVE THE FURNITURE. If you can’t hold your meeting in this configuration, please hold it elsewhere. There will be a required 30-minute break between meetings for our staff to properly disinfect the room. No exceptions. Notify the receptionist if you need to cancel the appointment so that another group may use it during that timeframe.

5) Restrooms: The hallways that lead to the restrooms are narrow. To comply with social distancing measures, we have established waiting points for each person to stand while waiting. If you see that a bathroom is being used, please wait until the occupant leaves the hallway before entering the area.

6) Reception area: The first person in line is to wait inside the box marked on the floor, which is 6 feet away from the reception desk. There will be a plexiglass divider between you and the receptionist. If you need to submit something to reception, do so on the left side where the newspapers used to be (they are now on the coffee table). The second person in line for reception services waits by the seating area.

7) Copy/Print Center: To limit the number of times we need to disinfect the equipment, and to limit the number of people in the business copy center, our reception staff will retrieve your prints for you. You may pick them up at the front desk or we’ll place them in your mail cubby. Please email your prints with a cover letter and instructions to

8) Cafe: Gloves are provided for using the kitchen appliances, coffee machine, spa water, and condiments by the microwave. Compostable cups with lids are set out where the mugs were. Compostable plates and silverware are also available for you to use. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we will not be serving breakfast on Wednesdays until further notice.

We appreciate your compliance while navigating through The Broadway Building and adhering to the Safer at Home order mandated by the State of Colorado, Boulder County, and the City of Boulder. If you are unsure of how to proceed while in the building, please pay attention to the posted signage and markings on the floor. Open facilities are available for use – at this limited capacity – at your own risk. We are providing the safest environment possible. The HVAC is circulating 24/7 to keep fresh air in the building. We are using the highest grade filters available for our system (MERV 8,) and we are disinfecting and cleaning the building on an accelerated and ongoing schedule.

We understand that you may not want to follow the new Safer at Home protocol but urge you to do so in the interest of returning to work. The coronavirus is not yet behind us, so we must exercise extreme caution while integrating into the new normal.


For more information on Colorado’s Safer at Home order: and

For more information on Boulder County’s Safer at Home order:

For more information on the City of Boulder’s Safer at Home order:

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