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We’re a Proud Supporter of Pride Month

Sadly, we seem to again be at a place in time when the right to live in our own skin is under attack.  Somehow, we’ve reverted to a world where those labeled different face criticism (or worse) by those unable or unwilling to accept or understand anything other than their own beliefs.

Fortunately, there are still those unafraid of validating the basic human right of personal identity. Office Partners on Pearl is a proud supporter of Pride Month and reverently flies the rainbow flag in solidarity with love, support, the power of community, and the right to be who you are.

Rainbows Over Pearl

For the month of June, we’ve partnered with The City of Boulder, Out Boulder County, Downtown Boulder Partnership, Boulder High School Gay-Straight Alliance, and other participating merchants in sponsoring Rainbows Over Pearl. In addition to the flurry of colorful flags and lights adorning the businesses along Pearl Street, Boulder is showing our commitment to diversity with three rainbow painted crosswalks downtown.

We’d like to thank the anonymous donor of the 220 rainbow flags being displayed in 98% of Pearl Street businesses, as well as the Downtown Boulder Partnership who summed it up best:

“The Downtown Boulder Partnership and merchants along Pearl Street embrace diversity and inclusivity and are pleased to support our LGBTQ+ customers, their families, friends, and allies during the month of June – and all year long.”

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